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Come and learn Magick with ME!

My dream and my mission to is take the scary out of Magick while building a safe Sisterhood for us all, I will show you how amazing a world of Witchyness

really can be. I'm passionate about self-care, brain-care and mental health. 



Who is Tracey-Lee

Tracey is an Enchantress a woman of magick- a Witch.

From a young age Tracey was obsessed with fairy’s, pixies, witches, pretty rocks, candles, mythical creatures, and all things sparkly and glittery. Tracey knew the world was magical. She soon realized that magick was in her blood, the gift of psychic abilities had been passed down from many years and generations and she would love to listen to the stories of that her

nanna and her mum would tell her.

Tracey believes we all have magick inside us, in her early 20's she set out to find out more about what she was experiencing in life, why did she receive messages?, why would her dreams come true? How did she know things?

Tracey began studying and learning all she could about a magical world. Tracey has certificates in Psychic Development, Crystal Knowledge, Meditations, how to work with Dragons, Tarot and Oracle experience, Witchcraft, Magick and Chakra energy work. She is also a Reiki Practitioner level 1 and 2. She has holds a certificate as a Crystal Practitioner.

Tracey lives her life full of magick, she eats sleeps and breathes it. She uses crystals, essential oils, spells, herbs, the moon and rituals in her daily life to bring balance,

happiness and abundance.

Tracey has been on this journey for over 20 years, she is fiercely passionate about taking the scariness out of magick and supporting our souls, she wants to teach you that there is no right or wrong when learning to live a spiritual life. YOU get to do YOU! 


Tracey is the owner of Dragonfly Angels which was born in 2015, Tracey saw a need in the world for a safe place that people could come and learn about a spiritual world. Tracey's students flock to her classes and workshops. Her clients tell us that she is powerful and healing, she has a way of teaching that draws you in and you feel so special in her classes.

Tracey is here to help you find your spark, that thing that lights you up. She will be that safe place while you explore the spiritual world. She will guide you and support you through all the sensations, the energy, the vibrations, the whispers from spirit.


If you are a dreamer and a believer, If this is your fuel, if this excites you,

then you are in the right place.

Tracey is waiting to be your Spiritual Mentor and she will guide you to

Breathe Dream and be Inspired.


Luscious Magick

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